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People at the heart of WWF-Pakistan – Muhammad Osama

Muhammad Osama is a wildlife photographer with a day job as a Senior Transport and City Planner in Dubai, UAE. He completed his Master’s degree from Technical University of Munich, Germany in Transport Strategic Planning.

Photography became a passion in 2007, when he bought his DSLR camera and took his first photographs at the Zurich Zoo. Going through the pictures later fascinating him, and he decided to explore wildlife photography further. Later, in 2011 Osama visited Masai Mara, Kenya and was awestruck by beauty of the natural world, and that is when his hobby turned into a passion. What is more, Osama also plans to turn this passion into a profession, and sees himself as a full-time wildlife photographer in the next five to six years.

Talking about his most memorable moment in capturing images, Osama shared that it was photographing his favourite animal, black rhino in 2016 in Kenya. Along with his group, he had been trying to sight a rhino for five days without much success. However, their luck turned around on the last day, when early in the morning he got a glimpse of a black rhino, behind dense bushes. After patiently waiting for more than eight hours, the black rhino finally came out in the open, followed by a female rhino along with a calf. “I cannot express my excitement, as it was a once in a life time moment for me to see a black rhino family”, Osama shared.

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