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People at the heart of WWF-Pakistan – Moazzam Khan

By Fatima Arif

Moazzam Khan, is one of the leading marine experts in Pakistan. He has two Masters degrees, one in marine biology and the other in zoology. Thirty years of his professional career were dedicated to government service where started out as a Research Officer in the Centre of Marine Biology. Later, he went on to become Director General, Marine Fisheries Department; CEO of the Fisheries Development Board and Project Director of Gwadar Fisheries Training Centre among many other positions that constitute his career.

Dedicated to the cause of marine conservation, Moazzam sahib was not going to confine himself to a retired life after the competition of his government service. Once that phase of his career came to an end, he joined WWF-Pakistan as a Technical Advisor – Marine Fisheries to continue working to ensure a world where people can live in harmony with nature.

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What are some of your most memorable experiences?

“There are many incidents that come under the category of memorable moments. However, the one I would like to highlight is when we started the marine programme. That was a milestone. We started working with the local fishermen and trained them as observers. Going forward we were able to educate about the importance of protecting marine species and they learned how to safely release them, if any became caught in nets as by-catch.”

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Your message for the younger employees of WWF-Pakistan?

“WWF-Pakistan is an excellent organization to work for in the field of conservation. If you are interest in the area, this is the right fit for you.

“The organization provides a wide spectrum of opportunities to work with; be it conservation, livelihoods or any other department that is helping in the general working of the organization. Our young colleagues have a great opportunity to learn and these lessons can help them both, in their professionally and personal growth.”

Fatima Arif is Senior Officer Digital Media, WWF-Pakistan.

People at the heart of WWF-Pakistan – Vinod Kataria

By Fatima Arif

Vinod Kataria completed his education in 2004, with an MSc (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Sindh Jamshoro. He started his professional career as a Social Organizer at SAFWCO, where he worked for three years. Following that he joined the Research and Development Foundation as Site Coordinator before getting an opportunity at AKPBS-P as Team Lead for social mobilization.

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In 2010, Vinod joined WWF-Pakistan’s Indus for All Programme as a Natural Resource Management Officer at the Pai Forest site, (Nawabshah), Shaheed Benazirabad. Once the programme came to a close, he shifted to the Chotiari Conservation and Information Centre, Sanghar office working as a Senior Project Officer in multiple livelihood and conservation projects. Currently, he is working as a Community Mobilization and Training expert in the Indus Ecoregion Community Livelihood Project (IECLP).

For the time that he has spent with WWF-Pakistan, he credits the organization for the rich experience that it has provided him. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of fisheries, livestock and agriculture sectors, in addition to learning about the conservation of fauna and flora of both terrestrial and aquatic species in general.

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