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People at the heart of WWF-Pakistan – Saira Asghar

Saira Asghar is currently working as Officer Payroll and Contracts as part of the Human Resource department, based in the Head Office. However, her association with the panda goes back a long way.

After completing her B.Com from Punjab University, she joined WWF-Pakistan as a Front Desk Officer in February 2009.

“I got my result in January and I joined in February right out of college, making WWF-Pakistan my mother organization. The working environment of the organization is such that I have never thought of switching to another organization.”

While, she developed an emotional connection with the organization, Saira also wanted professional growth. Keeping this in mind she decided to pursue her Masters degree and enrolled for an MBA degree at the Virtual University, which she completed while continuing her job.

When the time came to pick a specialization she opted of Human Resource (HR), the reason being the nature of her job where she was on friendly terms with everyone, no matter which department they belong to. She interacted with everyone and in the course of seven years understood their problems as well. To her opting for HR meant that she would be in a better position to help her colleagues resolve their professional issues and contribute towards creating a conducive environment for individuals who are fighting the cause of planet Earth.

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Coffee Talk – Racing Extinction

Racing Extinction, is a 2015 documentary that follows a group of undercover activities trying to draw attention to the role of mankind in the loss of at least half of world’s species. The activist group consists of filmmaker Louie Psihoyos, scientists, artists and members of the civil society.

The documentary takes us to the hidden world of extinction with heart wrenching images that are bound to change the way we see our planet and the threat our activities pose to its diversity. Creatures that have called this planet home for millions of years (some even before mankind came into the picture), are losing the battle to the international wildlife trade. The second key threat that is covered is the one posed by the oil and gas companies.

Scientists predict we may lose half the species on the planet by the end of the century. It is believed that we have entered the sixth major extinction event in Earth’s history. This era is labelled the Anthropocene, or ‘Age of Man’, because the evidence shows that humanity has sparked this catastrophic loss. The fifth major extinction was when dinosaurs went packing.

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People at the heart of WWF-Pakistan – Sabiha Zaman

By Fatima Arif

Sabiha Zaman works as a field assistant in the Nathiagali office of WWF-Pakistan. She joined the organization in 1997 and was the first women from her generation who came out to work. Her commitment to nature conservation enabled her to receive the Falcon Foundation Award for Conservation in 2000. Yesterday, on the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan, she received an award for her contributions towards the cause of climate change by Pakistan Women Festival.

In her own words, when she was a young girl women were not allowed to get out of their homes in order to peruse professional careers or education for that matter. This was the reason that she did her Matriculation as a private candidate and didn’t study any further. However, she is fluent is all the scientific names of plant species of Ayubia National Park.

“At that time education for girls was considered a taboo.”

Copy rights WWF-Pakistan

Despite all the restrictions, it was her passion to work. As luck would have it an opportunity presented itself in the form of a project focused on the Ayubia National Park by WWF-Pakistan. For this a local woman was needed. Mr. Arshad in the Peshawar Office referred Sabiha to the team and she was selected.

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Tofiq Pasha Mooraj – A Life Fueled with the Passion for Nature

By Fatima Arif

Tofiq Pasha Mooraj, is commonly recognized for his television shows Bagh Baani, Kitchen Garden and Go Camping with Pasha. However, there is a whole range of things that he has been involved in. If one has to sum up his forty plus years of work, it can be said that he has dedicated his life for a better and sustainable tomorrow. Despite all that he has done and continues to do, he has personally never called himself ‘an environmentalist’. Continue reading

Paperless or Not?

© Sana Ahmed / WWF-Pakistan

© Sana Ahmed / WWF-Pakistan

Paper books, once a very generic term now gauges a variety of reactions. For some people it might be a redundant word reminiscing the luxury of reading news in the old days, while for others it might be an essential part of their day. Even in this day and age books have always been and are still a familiar item. They have at one point or another played a pivotal part in every one of our lives. Whether it is a work of fiction, history of lost civilizations, an article detailing the socio-economic and political condition of a country or a biography of a famous personality, we crave it. Especially with the advancements in technology and changing times, books may have shifted in their mediums but have still not lost their appeal.

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The Right Based Approach

DSC04134It is the World Environment Day, the year is 2008 and WWF-Pakistan, a nature conservation organization is celebrating the day with different schools and Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC) at the Wetland Centre. The participants wait eagerly in the conference room for the presentation to commence; the spirits are elated ideally with an appetite for the plantation of mangroves, a plant commonly found in the coastal region of the Indus delta. Continue reading

Green Office for a Greener Future

By: Syed Muhammad Abubakar

Published on Saturday, May 10, 2014

Picture1We are all responsible for consuming natural resources in our office and home environments alike, over consumption of paper, wasteful consumption of electricity, excessive use of fuels, extensive travel and huge amounts of waste generation as if our resources are infinite. These actions are leading to the Earth’s rising temperature, melting of glaciers, forest fires and flash floods. Heading towards the deadly phenomena, climate change.

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