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Salman Rashid – Odysseus of Pakistan’s travelogues

by Fatima Arif

This quote by Martin Yan sums up the role travelling plays in the developing our minds. “People who don’t travel cannot have a global view, all they see is what’s in front of them. Those people cannot accept new things because all they know is where they live.”

When it comes to travelling it is not just  travelling to other countries that help form your perspective (though that definitely is a plus) but visiting places  can introduce to experiences that would help your intellectual growth.  Continue reading

Swit Salone

By Samirah Siddiqui

I spent a month in Freetown, Sierra Leone, working with The Collective, a capacity building social enterprise, and Conscience International, a West African human rights NGO.  Sierra Leone is one of West Africa’s true hidden gems – rich in natural resources, with a stunning coastline and brilliant people. For the uninitiated, the country’s name evokes images of blood diamonds and child soldiers. Continue reading

A Journey for Conservation

by Syed Abubakar

WWF-Pakistan through its project Improving Sub-watershed Management and Environmental Awareness in and around Ayubia National Park (G200-Western Himalayas) project, funded by  The Coca-Cola Foundation, organized a capacity building media exposure visit to Nathiagali to sensitize journalists about forest conservation, alternate livelihood interventions, pollution and mobilizing communities to play their role in protecting environment. The visit aimed to highlight the conservation work of WWF-Pakistan in the area, which since 2008 is working with communities to reduce deforestation which leads to climate change. Continue reading

Flamingoes in Pakistan

Uzma Khan

Published in The Express Tribune, May 19th, 2014.

Flamingoes are beautiful birds that are also associated with the mythological bird, phoenix. Their thin, long legs, elongated curvy neck and pink plumage are fascinating. It is astounding how they wade through water with their beaks submerged. This curved beak sieves water to collect tiny pieces of food such as algae, which is also their very beauty secret. The ‘carotenoids’ in algae adorn them with the pink plumage. Interestingly, flamingoes are born grey and gradually become pink because of the food. If we eat more watermelons and carrots, we will also show the natural blush! Ladies, we should take inspiration from the wildlife.

Continue reading

Exploring the Indus River through Indus Boat Safari

Syed Muhammd Abubakar

Published in Young Nation, The Nation on May 17 2014

Tourism being the world’s largest business is sustaining life of millions on Earth. Pakistan hosts rich biodiversity and landscapes which attracts tourists from across the world to discover the beautiful Himalayas and explore rivers and seas. Continue reading