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Ignorance is bliss – The lack of consumer awareness

By Umair Shahid

Bluefin Tuna sushis, Brussels, Belgium.

Bluefin Tuna sushis, Brussels, Belgium.

“Until you understand a writer’s ignorance, presume yourself ignorant of his understanding”— Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Ignorance can come in various forms, sometimes it is a blessing not to be aware; however I strongly believe the feeling of elation of being free does not remain long and cannot be cherished in a manner that is or not questionable for actions. There are many times we are faced with certain aspects of life that we seem to hold dearly to ourselves and some we just tend to turn away merely because it primarily is not our concern or point of interest. Continue reading

Building a paradise? Part 1

by Umair Shahid

This blog post, which was originally written in 2008, outlines the environmental conditions of Bundal and Buddo Islands in the light of development on the coast. Despite many concerns raised by nongovernmental organizations, political parties and even the Sindh government, the development on the coast is still on-going, without proper planning, and 2015 makes way for extension of phase VII and VIII. 
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