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Life is Precious

by Kashif Ayoub

It was last year driving through the main highway that a crowd of people organized in a circle caught my attention. It seemed that they were gathered for a ritual and whatever was happening in the centre of the circle had captured their full attention. Naturally, I was curious to find out more.

Pushing my way forward,  I found myself  looking at a group of four conmen exhibiting exotic species of reptiles, which included several species of snakes and lizards. They seemed to me like a butchering group, putting up a fascinating show, successful in captivating a large audience. But I had this feeling that something very wrong was about to happen and these animals were in some kind of danger.  Continue reading

Musings of a City Mouse

by Sana Ahmed

Sitting in my office, located on one of Lahore’s busiest roads, I close my eyes and listen to what I hear. There is a stray dog barking far away, cars and motor bikes constantly swooshing outside on the road, a microwave timer going off, multiple phones ringing – it is a busy city day for me.

And I already know that this will be followed by similar noises until I drift to sleep in my room, in the back of the house away from these sounds.  I am not sure if I prefer the concrete silence of my room or the metallic noise of the road? But for now when I close my eyes the flash of the city lights lingers and when its quiet my ears ring.

This settles it then – I must be city stressed. And how could I not be? Continue reading

Paperless or Not?

© Sana Ahmed / WWF-Pakistan

© Sana Ahmed / WWF-Pakistan

Paper books, once a very generic term now gauges a variety of reactions. For some people it might be a redundant word reminiscing the luxury of reading news in the old days, while for others it might be an essential part of their day. Even in this day and age books have always been and are still a familiar item. They have at one point or another played a pivotal part in every one of our lives. Whether it is a work of fiction, history of lost civilizations, an article detailing the socio-economic and political condition of a country or a biography of a famous personality, we crave it. Especially with the advancements in technology and changing times, books may have shifted in their mediums but have still not lost their appeal.

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Green Office for a Greener Future

By: Syed Muhammad Abubakar

Published on Saturday, May 10, 2014

Picture1We are all responsible for consuming natural resources in our office and home environments alike, over consumption of paper, wasteful consumption of electricity, excessive use of fuels, extensive travel and huge amounts of waste generation as if our resources are infinite. These actions are leading to the Earth’s rising temperature, melting of glaciers, forest fires and flash floods. Heading towards the deadly phenomena, climate change.

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