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New findings for Pakistani flora

© Sadul-Islam / WWF-Pakistan

© Sadul-Islam / WWF-Pakistan

by Sadul Islam

WWF-Pakistan survey team during its ecological assessment studies found several new species, some of these were new for Sindh, Pakistan and even for science. Striga gesnerioides is one of these species found during the natural vegetation assessment at Thatta district. The species was identified with the help of Dr Surraya Khatoon, Professor of Botany, University of Karachi. Continue reading


Have you ever wondered what the world would be like today if we didn’t believe in the smallest of things? If no one believed in the good people, there would be no kindness in the world. If Abraham Lincoln didn’t believe in abolishing slavery, America would never have had an African American as president in the White House today.

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Kamil Khan Mumtaz – Doing What You Think is Right (Part 2)

Kamil sahib has a long standing association with the old Walled City of Lahore, even before Walled City Mohalla Baazee started working in the area, for which he is most popularly known for. This chapter started when a local from the old Walled City filed a petition, stating that propertites were being demolished in the area and were being replaced by commercial plazas, damaging his private property which had been in his family since generations. Apparently the Walled City Authority was also not taking any steps against this activity, as per its mandate. As a result the court appointed a three-member committee to investigate the issue on ground and Kamil sahib was one of the members. Continue reading

Kamil Khan Mumtaz – Doing What You Think is Right (Part 1)

Kamil Khan Mumtaz, is a practicing architect based in Lahore. He completed his academic training in the field from Architectural Association, School of Architecture London in the 1960s. After completing his academic training he worked in London for two years in the field and then took up the responsibility of an educationist and taught in West Africa before returning to Pakistan to continue his practice and simultaneously pursuing the field of academics as well. Between 1966 and 1975, he taught and then served as the head of the National College of Arts, Lahore.

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Green Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

Climbing plant entwining a European power plug. Symbolic: Nature claiming its rights, vs. electricity

Climbing plant entwining a European power plug.

It has been only a year since I started to study Environmental Sciences as a major in my undergraduate degree. The crux of my learning in this one year was short and simple – the people of this Earth are taking it for granted. One way or the other, we are almost obtuse to the fact that how negligently we are using Earth’s limited resources. But how the people of this place that we call home can make a difference in creating a world where there is no threat to the sources provided by it? Continue reading

What in Your Opinion should be the Way Forward for Urban Development?

by Zehra Shallwani

The population of Karachi has expanded exponentially over the years. Bearing in mind that rural development has been kept at negligence by governments, coupled with natural and man-made disasters, people have moved from rural to the urban set up for employment purposes. Punjab experiences the same influx, but  this once fertile land has been facing water shortage after signing Indus Water Treaty with India. These are just two  examples. Other larger cities of Pakistan  have experienced urban migration, leading to burdening of limited resources in these city centres. Continue reading

A Lesson from the Past

by Nadia Farooq

The idea of finding fossils always fascinated me as a child; it wasn’t the fossils that spoke to me as much as the idea of finding something that used to be part of the Earth. With time this fascination grew into an interest in all archeological discoveries including species and lost civilizations among other things. I would imagine how life was back then and wondered if people in the future will wonder about our present life.  Somehow all this time there was always this voice in my head that these remains/fossils were living things that used to roam the Earth like many such living things today. Continue reading

The Importance of Forestry

By Shahrukh Nasim Khan

Roots sealed deep within the dirt, waiting to grow into one of the most valuable assets on mother earth. It starts with the base and then slowly drifts away upon the ground, becoming one of the most prominent life dwellers. They consume, eat, reproduce and die just like the average human on this planet. Yet, often times they are looked down upon for substitutes, such as shelter or business related ventures. Since the beginning of times, from the fires started in the caveman era to the modern day book material which is published; trees are one of the essential sources of the ecological system. Continue reading

Pakistan’s Environment; In The Eyes Of A Westerner

By Shahrukh Nasim Khan

Today, the international community has a very prominent problem towards the scale of globalization as a whole. We are witnessing one of the largest man-made issues in the modern era, and it seems to be getting worse. Every intellectual scientist from Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking all claimed that at one instance in time, the planet will stop supporting us due to massive pollution increase and lack of resources. Greed has immense pressure on our environment as a whole, and soon we will bear witness to one of the largest issues in the modern day times. As Pakistani by birth and raised as an American, I have always had the urge to help both nations fight this tremendous issue piling up in both the industrial and agricultural revolutions in both states. Continue reading