Framed Geomorphology: How I experienced Hunza in autumn?

As soon as we turned towards Hunza after being on the Karakoram Highway for hours, I breathed in Hunza’s air, I could tell I won’t be leaving this place as the same person as I came.

The tour company I joined planed for six days long trip, stopping at Naraan, Lulusar Lake, Babusar Pass, Ghizer Valley, Hunza, Attabad Lake, Karimabad Bazaar, Baltit Fort, Altit Village and Fort, Khunjerab Pass, Sost, Gulmit Village, Passu cones, Hoper Glacier and Lake Saif ul Malook. The plan was to experience all the areas of Hunza Valley that displayed its ever so famous autumn season at its peak.

I always felt close to nature but making eternal memories of  what I see through taking  photographs is a recent  hobby.  While traveling to Hunza, varying frames of nature caught my eye, where geography was juxtaposed compositions of soft and hard elements of nature. Hundreds of shades of crimson, yellow and green layered with turquoise waters and rugged mountains created countless visions that one couldn’t just simply get enough of. Every passing second brought along a new frame and the whole journey became endless variations of geomorphological captures for me.

On that trip, I left a big part of my soul in those mountains.

As part of generation that has seen Pakistan at its worst times for tourism, while battling against terrorism that stripped our North from every potential development, it gives me immense joy to see these areas coming back to life and bustling with tourists again. It has been one good year for Hunza for sure. Here is to hoping that we manage to retain the cultural and natural integrity of these heavenly places and practice eco-tourism.

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Prickly Reminiscence

(Above)  View on the road to Sost Valley

Nature Horizons

(Above) View on the road to Karimabad


(Above) View on the Khunjrab Pass, the scale can be imagined by the two dots on the left, yes these are two men!

Snow Strokes

(Above) Snow Strokes – View of Hoper Glacier

Interwoven Textures

(Above) Interwoven Textures – View from Baltit Fort

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