Photo Diaries: My Stories – Seen and Heard

By Hamza Malik

Last month I had a chance to travel to some of the most scenic destinations in Pakistan. Going from  Naran to Kaghan, and then towards  Chilas through Babusar, while passing  Rama to get to  Deosai in Skardu, all along capturing a part of these amazing places through my camera, was an experience that will stay with me for a long time. 

While working in WWF-Pakistan, my interest in capturing nature through  camera has increased immensely over the past few years. I never thought that travelling for nature photography could be so challenging, but these challenges soon turn into rewards when I was able to capture shots like the ones below.

During this particular trip, I focused on photos of water bodies as I believe that streams and rivers create a type of music that can not only be heard but can also be “SEEN”.

All  images shown below have been captured using GoPro. I feel these photos are only a glimpse of what my eyes saw and what I experienced in person. Each of them captures the essence of serenity that could last a lifetime! Let’s hope we save these places for our future generations to see – not only in pictures but in reality as well.


(Above) Dance of the Water

Kaghan Valley -There was greenery all around – but the water seemed to have a season of its own – and autumn it was!



( Above) The Defining Line

Babusar Top


(Above) Rocks and Echoes

Indus River flowing through Chillas, Pakistan. A long journey that ends when it flows into the Arabian Sea.


(Above) Midway to Destination

Landscape on way  to Astore, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan


(Right) The Road Less  Traveled

Trek to Rama Lake, Pakistan


(Below) Music Within – The Ultimate Reflection

Rama Lake, Astore Pakistan




(Above) The Balance of Parallels

Kala Pani, Deosai National Park, Pakistan


(Above) Far and Beyond!

Deosai National Park, Pakistan



(Above) Wild and Free

Wild Flowers, Deosai National Park



(Above) Barren Brilliance

Shigar Valley, Skardu, Pakistan


Photo credits : © Hamza Malik / WWF-Pakistan

Hamza Malik works with WWF-Pakistan in the International Eco Internship Programme. He is a  passionate nature photographer and tweets at @hamza_malik.

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