Climate Change – What would you do if you were made Pakistan’s climate change minister?

It is often misunderstood and undervalued that Pakistan does not have any environmental laws or legislature in place. This does not hold true as the country is a signatory to a number of international treaties, holds an important position in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and has recently progressed when the 18th amendment in the constitution took place. However, a number of developmental projects, unsustainable in most of the cases, lack of capacity building at provincial level and monopoly of the federal government in areas of coal power, nuclear energy and maritime sources has led to an increased complexity. Continue reading

A Lesson from the Past

by Nadia Farooq

The idea of finding fossils always fascinated me as a child; it wasn’t the fossils that spoke to me as much as the idea of finding something that used to be part of the Earth. With time this fascination grew into an interest in all archeological discoveries including species and lost civilizations among other things. I would imagine how life was back then and wondered if people in the future will wonder about our present life.  Somehow all this time there was always this voice in my head that these remains/fossils were living things that used to roam the Earth like many such living things today. Continue reading