Building a paradise? Part 1

by Umair Shahid

This blog post, which was originally written in 2008, outlines the environmental conditions of Bundal and Buddo Islands in the light of development on the coast. Despite many concerns raised by nongovernmental organizations, political parties and even the Sindh government, the development on the coast is still on-going, without proper planning, and 2015 makes way for extension of phase VII and VIII. 
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The Importance of Forestry

By Shahrukh Nasim

Roots sealed deep within the dirt, waiting to grow into one of the most valuable assets on mother earth. It starts with the base and then slowly drifts away upon the ground, becoming one of the most prominent life dwellers. They consume, eat, reproduce and die just like the average human on this planet. Yet, often times they are looked down upon for substitutes, such as shelter or business related ventures. Since the beginning of times, from the fires started in the caveman era to the modern day book material which is published; trees are one of the essential sources of the ecological system. Continue reading

Snow Leopards: Survival Of The Panthera uncia

By Shahrukh Nasim

The visualization is quite appealing, slightly smaller than large cats but the tail extending out tremendously. The extensive fur, along with its smoky gray and golden color makes it almost glamorous. They are known as “mountain ghosts” due to their elusive nature. They are known to adapt to the hardest environmental conditions. They tend to be unknown in whatever step they take in the wildlife. Continue reading