We are All Connected

by Fatima Arif

There is a lot of talk about natural catastrophes due to climate change, but what is climate change and who is one of the major contributor to the problem? Climate change is caused by global warming, which is the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere. The increased greenhouse gases contributed by anthropogenic activities are at the base of this discussion. The finger we keep pointing at other factors is going to come towards us. Continue reading

Paperless or Not?

© Sana Ahmed / WWF-Pakistan

© Sana Ahmed / WWF-Pakistan

Paper books, once a very generic term now gauges a variety of reactions. For some people it might be a redundant word reminiscing the luxury of reading news in the old days, while for others it might be an essential part of their day. Even in this day and age books have always been and are still a familiar item. They have at one point or another played a pivotal part in every one of our lives. Whether it is a work of fiction, history of lost civilizations, an article detailing the socio-economic and political condition of a country or a biography of a famous personality, we crave it. Especially with the advancements in technology and changing times, books may have shifted in their mediums but have still not lost their appeal.

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