Capturing Wildlife Moments – A rare sighting of a monitor Lizard on its hind legs

Monitor lizard on hind legs (2)Monitor lizards derive their names from the word ‘monitor’ as they tend to stand on their hind legs and scout the area for any predators, thus it should not be a surprising element to the sighting of a monitor lizard standing on its hind legs. However, it does give rise to curiosity and makes the moment rare enough to be spotted on the exact same time to be able to locate and position to take a clear shot from a camera. The occasion is bound to be filled with adrenaline rush and amazement making it a wildlife moment for me, and to able to document it in my wildlife diaries is a rare moment. Continue reading

The Right Based Approach

DSC04134It is the World Environment Day, the year is 2008 and WWF-Pakistan, a nature conservation organization is celebrating the day with different schools and Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC) at the Wetland Centre. The participants wait eagerly in the conference room for the presentation to commence; the spirits are elated ideally with an appetite for the plantation of mangroves, a plant commonly found in the coastal region of the Indus delta. Continue reading

Green Turtle – A blessing in disguise

Published on 14 December 2014

Coffee Table Book 2011, Coastal AreasPakistan is blessed with a coastline which stretches for 1050km and is home to a number of rare reptiles such as the Olive Ridley, hawksbill, leatherback and green turtles. Of these, all but the green turtle are rarely reported from the area. The green turtle arrives annually on the beaches of Sandspit, Karachi to lay its eggs. These turtles, a gift of nature, not only protect marine life by feeding on harmful algae but also restore the environment’s balance. Continue reading

Green Office for a Greener Future

By: Syed Muhammad Abubakar

Published on Saturday, May 10, 2014

Picture1We are all responsible for consuming natural resources in our office and home environments alike, over consumption of paper, wasteful consumption of electricity, excessive use of fuels, extensive travel and huge amounts of waste generation as if our resources are infinite. These actions are leading to the Earth’s rising temperature, melting of glaciers, forest fires and flash floods. Heading towards the deadly phenomena, climate change.

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